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About Our Brushes

What makes Our Brushes Unique?

Satisfaction Personally Guaranteed

Owner Ken Rakusin makes customer satisfaction his personal responsibility. Our experienced staff customizes and shampoos each brush individually. It is this personal attention and eye for detail that has kept our customers coming back, for more than fifty years!


All Brushes for All Applications - All High Quality!

Kirschner Brush carries many different styles for many different customers. We will custom make unusual sizes according to customer specifications.


Kirschner Brushes are Everywhere!

From New York City subways to the Alaskan Pipeline... when you see America’s major thoroughfares being painted chances are they're using Kirschner brushes. Departments of transportation, highways, bridges, schools, prisons, defense, General Services Administration and other government operations throughout the nation have chosen Kirschner Brush for more than forty years. 

In the private sector, we supply McMaster-Carr, Greco Brush, General Dynamics and many others - including contract painters, construction workers, roofers, wholesale and retail suppliers, and hardware stores.

Our paint brushes are versatile - just like our client base!

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